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What's the difference between sectional homes and modular homes?

Sectional homes are multi-section homes built to the HUD code and typically include a permanently attached steel frame. These homes come complete with carpeting, draperies, a heating and plumbing system, and appliances. They can be placed on rented or private property, either on a permanent foundation or properly designed pier set. Modular homes, commonly referred to as factory-built homes, are constructed to the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code (International Residential Code).

Modular homes are usually transported on removable carrier frames and placed on permanent foundations on private property. Typically, the residential heating and plumbing system is installed on-site.

Sectional and modular homes contain many of the same features of a site-built home, such as total finished drywall, 2x6 exterior walls, thermopane windows, hardwood cabinets, 5/12 roof pitch, and name-brand building materials.


Do modular homes appreciate in value?

Independent appraisal studies confirm that modular homes appreciate in value the same as other forms of housing.

Are modular homes safe?

Yes! All of our homes are built to specifications that meet or exceed local, state and national building code standards. Our modular homes are also built stronger than site-built homes. This is because all of our homes are built with more framing and fastening materials to withstand the stress of transportation. 


How are modular homes constructed?

Modular houses are constructed in a controlled, indoor environment using building materials protected from the weather. Homes are built year round without weather-related delays. Each stage of the building process is typically inspected for quality control. Modular homes are strongly constructed in order to be transported from the plant to the home site. Plants have experts in plumbing, electrical systems, drywall installation, roofing, trim out, etc., all working together to build a home you can be proud of.

How long will a modular home last?

Modular homes have a life expectancy equal to or greater than their stick-built counterparts. Modular homes are built with the same name-brand materials available at most lumber stores and used in typical on-site construction. In addition to name-brand materials, your new home will be built in a controlled indoor environment using all of the latest technology.

How do I get started?

First, let our professional design experts help you select a floor plan that you like. Once you have chosen a floor plan, you can start selecting your other options. Then you'll need to start getting estimates for all of the on-site construction work, such as basement, driveway, and utilities. With all of your estimates complete, you are ready to submit your plans to the bank and the local authorities for approval. Once the approvals are given, all the paperwork is completed, the mortgage is closed, and the initial deposit is received, the home can be ordered and the on-site construction process can begin. (Please note: no on-site construction should be started prior to the mortgage being closed. 











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